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Mindfulness Poster

Exercising mindfulness means to live in the here and now, instead of wasting thoughts and energy on the past. We have collected, among other things, typographies with quotes and sayings that focus on the beautiful and simple things in life and give you a boost in motivation. With a mindfulness poster on your bedroom wall, you will be reminded to live in the moment every morning - a great way to start the day and remember to always make the most of it!


Mindfulness Poster

Photographs of a rainy day, a forest in autumn or the troubled sea. Typographies with inspirational sayings and motivational quotes by inspiring and important people like Gandhi, John Lennon or Coco Chanel. No matter which motif you choose, posters with mindfulness messages convey a certain feeling of peace and calmness, giving your home the perfect finish. Every single one of our carefully selected mindfulness posters is a loving reminder to live in the here and now and enjoy the moment. Classic black and white or with delicate colourful accents, framed in a shiny silver metal frame, or hung up in a minimalistic approach, directly taped to the wall - match your new favourite poster with mindfulness motif with your decor. A white passepartout can help direct focus to the art print, further enhancing the message of mindfulness. A minimalistic mindfulness poster fits perfectly into any gallery wall.

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